Central heating without the headache

Today's domestic heating systems offer a host of benefits - energy efficiency and safety features topping the list.

At FlexiFlame we always aim to bring the most innovative, cost effective solutions to our customers, coupled with objective advice. By offering products from a range of manufacturers you'll only get the products that work best for you, at a price you can afford.

Whatever system you choose for your home, installing and servicing boilers and central heating has been our core work for over two decades.

If you need a complete overhaul from a warm air or tank fed system it needn't be a hassle. It may be that a combination of different systems may work best for you - for example, an open vented system but with a vented hot water and radiator circuit.

All our installation work is guaranteed for one year both through the manufacturer and us, with a new boiler installation, the work comes with a two year guarantee and after the first year we will return to carry out a free service.

If you need your boiler or radiators safety checked, serviced or repaired, why not utilise our summer service discount? Get 10% off from June through September.

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A range of energy efficient boilers:

Condensing: This type of boiler is a 'high efficiency' boiler which means it extracts more heat from the flue gases than standard boilers, which means very little heat is wasted, which in turn saves you money on bills.

Combination boiler:
This type of boiler produces near instantaneous hot water. Unlike conventional systems it does not store hot water so you have no cylinder, loft tank or connecting pipe work.

Conventional boilers: These boilers use the traditional method, which heats up and stores the hot water in the hot water cylinder and header tank, ready for you to use as and when you require it.

Back boilers:
These boilers are hidden away behind gas fires. The latest type of these boilers are far more advanced that older models which gives you a better performance and efficiency (note - back boilers can only replace existing back boilers).

Dry central heating systems:

If conventional wet system central heating isn't suitable for your home, we can supply, fit or service dry, warm air units.

In essence they are similar but different to air conditioning systems - dry systems that work via a simple heat exchanger. They are economical to run and quick to heat your home and are also effective for cooling your home during hotter months. Air filters can be integrated to remove odours and airborne particles, leaving you with a much healthier and cleaner environment.

We can also service and repair your warm air units. Call us for a competitive quote.

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